Iowa Permit to Carry Weapons Renewal

Can you believe that it’s going on five years since Iowa’s “Shall Issue” Permit to Carry Weapons Law that went into effect in January 2011?!

Many of you have had your permits since the “Shall Issue” went into effect and will be needing to renew this year. You can go to our links page and contact the Sheriff’s office about costs and what you need to get your renewal.

But here’s a basic breakdown of you you’ll need to do, but it’s always good to double check with the proper channels to make sure you’re covered when you go to renew.

1. Proof of training will need to be shown, in the form of a class or shooting test that occurred one year (or less) from your current permit expiring.

2. Apply for the renewal permit 30 days or more before their current permit expires.
(Any application submitted less than 30 days before a permit expires, will be considered a  NEW Permit application with the cost of $50.)

3. Pay $25 for your 5 year renewal permit. Some counties, like Jasper offer a wallet type permit card and charge a higher fee for those.